Winter Lightning Storm Organ Mountains

Las Cruces, New Mexico


"Lightning does not usually occur in the wintertime, so this came as a big shock to me. I was supposed to be somewhere else having dinner with family. The storm that was brewing over the Organ Mountains just wouldn’t let me leave. The longer I shot, the better the light got and finally this happened. Soon after the lightning strike, large hail began to fall, and my dog and I raced the half mile back to my truck. I made my way in to meet my family for dinner over an hour late, soaking wet, and greeted by upset family members. I showed the image to my mom on the back of my camera. She immediately said, “you are forgiven”."

- Wayne Suggs


All Canvases of Winter Lightning Storm Organ Mountains are printed on Satin Canvas. All Photo Prints & Frameless Miniatures are printed on Metallic Photo Paper. All prints are archival certified.

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