White Pocket

Arizona/Utah Border


"An other-wordly sandstone landscape in Northern Arizona. The structures of the rocks here were some of the coolest textures and patterns I have ever seen. This place was so peaceful and meditative, it felt like I was walking around in an abstract painting. The storm clouds throughout the day made for dramatic lighting and beautiful skies, but later that evening it dumped hard on us. It was during monsoon season, and the dirt roads we drove on the way in had melted and turned into clay. We were sliding off the road and scared, even in a 4x4 Jeep."

- Zach Testa


All Canvases of White Pocket are printed on Satin Canvas. All Photo Prints & Frameless Miniatures are printed on Metallic Photo Paper. All prints are archival certified.

Category: Arizona, Utah, Zach Testa