Morning Celebration

Honolua, Hawaii


"While taking photographs in Hawaii I made it a point one early morning to make my way to Honolua Bay on Maui.  The reason I was there was a good friend of mine’s son passed away from cancer.  Part of his ashes were scattered at this location.  He loved to surf, and I wanted to get a good photo for my friend to hang on his wall in remembrance of his son.  The scene I had set up on just didn’t work out.  The light never happened.  As I began to leave, I began to notice the sun started to make its way out and a rainbow began to appear.  I put on a telephoto lens and began taking photographs of the surfers and the rainbow.  I thought this was amazing when suddenly a whale breached.  I was ecstatic that I had captured all of this in a single image.  The rainbow slowly faded away.  I began to cry, I was so touched by what had just occurred."

- Wayne Suggs


All Canvases of Morning Celebration are printed on Satin Canvas. All Photo Prints & Frameless Miniatures are printed on Metallic Photo Paper. All prints are archival certified.

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