King of Wings

Nageezi, New Mexico

"I drove 3 hours & hiked 6 miles in the dark from 9PM-3AM to find this hoodoo in the remote part of the Bisti Badlands of San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico. The King of Wings is a large boulder that is balanced on top of a clay pedestal & extends 10 ft beyond the edge creating what looks like a giant wing stretched out into the air... it’s absolutely incredible. You will not find any signs or trails for King of Wings, it’s completely off the grid. Finding it without GPS in the vast expanse of this wilderness is very difficult. I took this around 1:30 AM, 30-second exposure. You can see a shooting star coming from the left corner of the frame. Felt like I was in Star Wars!"

- Justin Jew


All Canvases of King of Wings are printed on Satin Canvas. All Photo Prints & Frameless Miniatures are printed on Lustré Photo Paper. All prints are archival certified.