Blood Moon Over the Organ Mountains

Las Cruces, New Mexico


"A good friend of mine and I spent weeks before the Blood Moon of September 2015 searching to find a good location to shoot it.  We hiked for miles, checking the apps on our phones, lining the moon up in different locations.  When we found this spot, we knew this was it.  The day of the Blood Moon we hiked in hours earlier.  We set up, ate dinner and waited.  He helped me light paint the walls of the cave.  The City of Las Cruces lit up the mountains while the Milky Way positioned itself perfectly and Andromeda hung above the Organ Mountains. Without a whisper of wind, the moon rose, and we got our shot.  One of my most memorable times as a photographer."

- Wayne Suggs


All Canvases of Blood Moon Over the Organ Mountains are printed on Satin Canvas. All Photo Prints & Frameless Miniatures are printed on Metallic Photo Paper. All prints are archival certified.

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